Digital Wallet Summit Dubai 2017

Raddison blu hotel - Dubai, UAE.
11-12 Oct. 2017
Digital Wallet Summit Dubai 2017

Towards dubai government’s aim to make the UAE among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union, we are coming up with initiative called Digital Wallet Summit Dubai 2017 which is going taking place on 11th & 12th October in Dubai, UAE.

In association with Union of Arab Banks and World Fintech Association we are coming up with the 2nd successful edition “Digital Wallet Dubai Summit 2017” which is going to be take place on 11 – 12 October in Raddison blu hotel - Dubai, UAE.

Regional economies in the Middle East are looking at creating new cashless economy for the 21st century; an economy where one does not have to visit an ATM, nor carry cash that does not fill your pocket or wallet. The region is focusing on going digital both to reduce and ultimately eliminate cash from the system, and to allow those without bank accounts to enjoy the convenience, security and peace of mind of having cash without the physical frustration and risks it entails.

The United Arab Emirates have just recently launched the Emirates Digital Wallet which paves the way for cashless spending, money transfers and storage of money for everyone living and working in the UAE. The Emirates Digital Wallet has been set up by bringing together globally renowned best practices from a wide variety of payment systems, and provides a unique solution tuned in to the needs of the region.

Emirates Digital Wallet LLC, a company owned by 16 shareholding banks and fully sponsored by UBF, has been set up to transform the UAE into a leading cashless economy. According to a global study conducted by MasterCard, there is an estimated $822bn opportunity by 2017 in the prepaid card segment — with a $13bn opportunity in the UAE and Saudi Arabia alone.

This new system, has been rolled out as an app that provides a free to use, highly convenient, safe and highly efficient way of making payments without the use of physical cash. This system is in line with the UAE’s smart government initiative and provides a simple to use, interconnected payments platform using smartphones and other handheld digital devices.

Hence, we at Traicon will be hosting a two day educational platform known as the Digital Wallet Summit 2017, scheduled to take place on 11& 12 October in Dubai, UAE. The Digital Wallet summit will provide all the participating organizations with an excellent opportunity to meet, network, exchange ideas and come up with real-time solutions to some of the region’s most pressing issues.

We at Traicon request all the regional experts, government authorities, key stake holders involved in Digital Wallets and Fintech companies to actively participate in this summit that focuses on “Transforming the Middle East into a Leading Cashless Economy”.

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