World Crypto Economic Forum

South San Francisco Conference Center
15-16 Jan. 2018
$299 - $1499
World Crypto Economic Forum

The World Crypto Economic Forum in the San Francisco Bay Area is the first of a worldwide series of events to support the blockchain community and create a global network of entrepreneurs and developers in today’s fast-evolving blockchain economy.

The line-up of speakers include keynotes Nick Szabo (computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer) who developed many of the innovative concepts behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, Michael Arrington (Founder at TechCrunch and XRP Capital) and over 60 leaders from the entire blockchain ecosystem who will cover all facets of the digital economy from blockchain tech to ICOs.

In addition to keynote presentations and panel discussions, WCEF will feature lightning talks, power networking sessions, a hiring mixer, a token pitch contest, a hackathon, over 30 token companies and 50 media partners.

Speakers and Program

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