Kyiv Blockchain Forum

«Оазис» вулиця Кудряшова, Київ
13 Mar. 2018
₴700 - ₴13500
Kyiv Blockchain Forum

Actual information on the market of cryptocuriences, features of mining and trading, analytics and forecasts for the sphere of Blockchain, Blockchain for business, the specifics of holding youre own ICO

• The introduction of Blockchain technology allows to change the various areas of business and government. Speakers BCK will present their vision of future finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, supply, utilities and much more.

• The forum program has 3 separate streams of presentations and workshops for professionals and developers, as well as all those who want to learn and understand the subject of cryptography and technology of decentralized data transmission.

• Find out about new market players who showcase their products, services, platforms and solutions at our exhibition. Introducing startups is a great opportunity to invest.