Cryptoblockchain1000 in Porto

Alfândega PortoCongress Centre R. Nova da Alfândega 4400 Porto
14 Sep. 2018
$125 - $155
blockchain, crypto
Cryptoblockchain1000 in Porto

The Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. Tokens. ICO’s are buzzwords with substance. All part of a shift in how we do trade, run our businesses and govern society. The blockchain is applied to all industry sectors, new multi - millionaires in Bitcoin and more are created in other cryptocurrencies and among token users, ICOs help companies raise millions and gain a competitive advantage. With EOS $4 billion token raise it is record breaking and we likely see a few others up in the billions soon. All together, it is an unprecedented change of event in history affecting every part of the globe in a pace mankind has not experienced before. Join our current network of investors, traders and entrepreneurs.

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