12 November / 2018

Blockchain Summit Dubai

Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd, Deira, next to Hamarain Shopping Center, Box 16590 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

$300 - $1500


Blockchain Summit Dubai

Blockchain has many applications – in supply chains, healthcare, global monetary systems, financial technologies, retail, hospitality, energy trading, music, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services and many more. As a result, Blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on various industries. Therefore, it is critical for stakeholders to understand the concepts well, so as to formulate careful legal and business strategies around to benefit from it.

Our speakers, are subject matter experts, who will examine the impact of Blockchain on various industries, the challenges and opportunities it presents. The conference will have presentations, short tutorials, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies. In addition to learning, it will help in building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space.

Speakers and Agenda