13-15 November / 2018

Blockchain for Clinical Trials

University of Glasgow Clinical Innovation Zone, Scotland

$375 - $650


Blockchain for Clinical Trials

The 2nd IEEE Blockchain for Clinical Trials Forum will focus on the theme of moving the conversation from WHY to HOW and WHEN blockchain for clinical trials featuring the voice of patient advocacy groups advocating blockchain for patient empowerment.

The workshop includes blockchain project-leader sessions, macro government and regulatory presentations, patient-advocacy perspectives, collaboration and ideation exchange, and finally consensus on development of a roadmap to blockchain adoption for clinical trials. The project leader sessions represent public and private blockchain projects from EU and US consortia, working groups and private pharma companies. In addition, there will be presentations from EU government-funded patient blockchain projects and two presentations from patient advocacy groups advocating blockchain for patient empowerment. Given the interactive nature of this workshop, seats are limited. Priority is given to blockchain technologists, pharmaceutical digital innovation leads, patient advocacy groups, clinical trial data operations professionals, regulatory and academia.

Speakers and Agenda