17-18 November / 2018

Master Workshop: Layer I Solutions

van Diemenstraat 20-200, Amsterdam

€70 - €100


Master Workshop: Layer I Solutions

Master Workshop: layer 1 solutions’ is gathering professionals from all around the globe on 17-th and 18-th of November. The agenda for these days is the following: the examination of the first level scaling solution regarding cryptocurrencies; controversy of delegated proof of stake or DPOS shortly; key collecting and many other points referred to blockchain protocols discovered to figure out TPS barrier. This event gives you a chance to obtain tech knowledge from those leading in a stated realm. If you are interested in such a great opportunity follow the link: http://bit.ly/2yum26j and join it now for €70. The meeting is a component of the row of events organized together with the Research Institute. Recently in Berlin such experts as Patrick McCorry, Liam Horne, Jason Teutsch and Lefteris Karapetsas participated in our conference dedicated to Layer 2, off-chain solutions.

Speakers and Agenda