14-17 March / 2019

Fossasia Open Tech Summit

Life Long Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road, Singapore

$99 - $1800


Fossasia Open Tech Summit

Personal voice assistants, blockchain, cloud and AI for the open conversational web at Asia's premier devloper event.

Learn about natural language processing, how to build skills and actions for voice assistants or how to create your own Open Source chatbots in the Artificial Intelligence deep technology track. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Tensorflow, Dataprep and more. Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Container, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, Docker Kompose, Omnibus, OpenStack, Virtual Kubelet, and Continuous Integration.

Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech in the Blockchain track.