Security Token Summit II

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club 76 Pitts Bay Road Hamilton 08 Bermuda
18-19 Mar. 2019
$795 - $995
blockchain, security
Security Token Summit II

The future of Capital Markets is in front of us. Within the Security Token issuance/exchange space, we have an immediate need for “operability before interoperability." The first Blockchain Token Association (BTA) Security Token Summit we held in 2018 started with an open invitation for those involved in the Security Token Industry to come together and make a commitment to work towards building a common framework on the issuance and trading of security tokens.

The BTA is grateful to the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) and Fintech Bermuda for their partnership in the second Security Token Summit. The working draft of our Summit Schedule is below.

We are at a time where there is a need to get together as a community and work together to create common standards which will be used to drive the future of the Security Token Marketplace. We need a common language, a common protocol offering the technical opportunity to build bridges within our growing ecosystems. A solution where everyone benefits because when deployed not one company benefits, everyone benefits. A solution, which is dynamic to deal with business rules and laws of various regulators from around the world.