16 April / 2019

Blockchain - Disruption, Innovation & Decentralization

Rise New York, New York, NY, USA

$20 - $40


Blockchain - Disruption, Innovation & Decentralization

Blockchain technology has seen a flurry of new innovations and a wave of adoption in the last few years. At its core, blockchain is built on decentralization principles.

Similar to the impact on-line purchasing has had to bricks and mortar shopping, blockchain has and will continue to have an impact on finance. In this panel we discuss issues including:

  • Decentralized market places & the effect on world exchanges & financial markets
  • Impact on payments, lending and peer-to-peer
  • Where is disruption having the most impact?
  • The Internet as a guarantor
  • Blockchain or decentralized companies: Where to invest now
Finance Technology