11 July / 2019


Isarforum at Deutsches Museum Ludwigsbrücke

€49 - €499



1E9 the_conference is not just a tech-conference packed with handpicked keynotes, discussions, workshops, networking opportunities and art.

It is the start of a permanent community that will enrich Germany's tech ecosystem. And that's exactly why all the players of this community are there:

  • You are a startup or an investor? Meet there and grow together!
  • You are an entrepreneur or visionary? Get impressions about the hottest tech stuff that will impact our future!
  • Your are a job seeker? Find your next employer!
  • You are a student and want to know how you can influence your future? Just go there!
  • You are a corporate? Find your next developer-unicorn!
  • You are a developer? Nerd? Tech-brain? Learn more about how you can use your magical tech skills to shape the future!

Join our mission to empower humanity through technology and cecome a part of the 1E9 the_conference on July 11th in Munich in at Deutsches Museum // Isarforum // Blitz-Club.