17 August / 2019

Blockchain UniVRse All Digital Crypto Conference #1




Blockchain UniVRse All Digital Crypto Conference #1

We host daily crypto VR hangouts and we are now holding the first official all digital Crypto Conference, BDC on August 17th 2019. This conference will be held in Altspace, and no Virtual reality headset is needed to join as they have a 2D mode available for anyone with a computer.

We will have guests from all over the world and all types of crypto projects participating. Our first event will contain booths for Battle Racers, Mythereum, Dissolution, Chibi Fighters and many others. This will be a one day, all day event with booths, guest speakers, giveaways and much more. The unofficial time for the conference is 10 am to 8 pm CST (Subject to change) and will be free of charge, all are welcome to attend.

This conference will be streamed live on Dlive as well as potentially youtube, twitch as well as cryptoandgamers.com. This event is officially partnered with Crypto Games Conference in addition to cryptoandgamercommunity and egamersio. We currently have roughly 20 projects joining in this first event, now all we need is welcomed guests interested to learn about crypto and crypto gaming. Contact me directly if interested in running a booth for your crypto project during the event. This is a preliminary Crypto VR conference, and we will be hosting many more in the future.