9 September / 2019

Real Estate Shark Tank: Tokenization Edition

Rise Tel Aviv 54 Ahad Ha'Am Street


Tel Aviv Blockchain week

Real Estate Shark Tank: Tokenization Edition

IF YOU'RE A REAL ESTATE PROJECT INTERESTED IN PITCHING, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM: http://bit.ly/Call-for-RE-Project (Note: if you're outside Israel you can still pitch via zoom)

Picture everything you imagine happening at a blockchain event. Got it in your mind? Now erase the whole picture… because on September 9, 2019 at 9 a.m., in partnership with FIBREE, we’re starting from scratch and bringing you an event like no other you’ve ever seen before.

If you’re tired of fintech events loaded up with…

  • Dry, tedious, repetitive lectures that waste your time or insult your intelligence
  • Theoretical applications that don’t have any application to your own life
  • Big promises that may or may not ever come true
  • Tech and financial talk that are jargon-filled and way over your head
  • Little practical value you can take home

… then think again.

We’ve all been there done that one too many times and we’re as sick as you are of hearing about the potential of blockchain to disrupt investment in the traditional real estate industry. We’ve timed this very special event for Israel Blockchain Week, the largest gathering of professionals and stakeholders in Tel Aviv.

If you’re looking for an event that goes far beyond the theory into the nitty-gritty details of how tokenization can actually work, and change all our lives along the way, this is the event for you.

Here’s what participants will find at Real Estate Shark Tank:

  • Real Estate Sharks with appetite for security tokens
  • Live bidding for tokenized investments
  • Panel of experts actually doing this tokenization stuff
  • A glimpse of the future of blockchain in real estate

The Real Estate Shark Tank will bring in participants from key industry players like SolidBlock, SPiCE VC, Nielsen Innovate Fund, Prizma Capital, and many more.

More importantly, this is one blockchain event nobody will be able to sleep through. Because they’ll be too busy taking notes, taking pictures, joining in, and learning how tokenization can be part of their financial and technological future.

We’re interested in hearing from relevant organizations who’d like to partner with us, bringing in global exposure along with interest from influencers and participants during the event.If you’d like to join us as an organizational partner, please get in touch with Yael Tamar.

See you there!