11 September / 2019

Virtue Poker // Israeli Poker Academy "Blockchain Poker Night"

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Tel Aviv Blockchain week

Virtue Poker // Israeli Poker Academy "Blockchain Poker Night"

The Virtue Poker team will present a short 10-15 minute presentation on the history of Virtue Poker and how the software incorporates blockchain technolgy and peer-to-peer networking to provide a safe and secure platform for new players to enjoy online poker.

The Israeli Poker Academy will also present providing background information on the association and how to get involved in the poker community in Israel.

After the presentations, all participants are welcome to join a free to play online poker event whereby players will compete in a "Race to the Top" promotion.

All players will be able to download the Virtue Poker software and receive an equal amount of play chips in their online account to compete against each other in cash games.

The top 3 players will share in a 6 ETH (over $1000 value) prize pool:

1st Place: 3 ETH // 2nd Place: 2 ETH // 3rd Place: 1 ETH

All players who participate will receive 1000 VPP.

VPPs are "Virtue Player Points" which is the token that powers the Virtue Poker platform (equivalent value of .25 ETH).

**Food and drinks will be provided at the event. Please come early to guarantee admittance**