30 Jan. 2019

2019 Blockchain Convergence Summit: Chain Plus+ Kicked Off

— First day of the event closed out with 2000 attendees with 70 projects from 8 countries

— Special guests list included major government officials such as Mayor of Seoul, Malta Minister, Member of the Estonian Parliament.

2019 Blockchain Convergence Summit : Chain Plus+ (Chain Plus) opened with a great success, attended by around 2000 people including blockchain experts from South Korea and overseas.

Chain Plus is a forum co-organized by MTN (Money Today Network, the 3rd largest Economic Media Group) and global blockchain accelerator 'Chainers', having reached a number of 70 projects and 120 media from 8 countries worldwide as participants.

According to Chainers, it has been planned to host about 1,500 applicants, but actually about 2,000 participants has taken part there.

In addition to investors, plenty of various government officials, influencers, and industry representatives participated in the summit. Park Won-soon (Mayor of Seoul), Silvio Schembri (Malta Minister), and Kalle Palling (Member of Estonian Parliament) had a speech to share their opinions on the direction of government policy towards technological changes.

"2019 will be the first year of the blockchain industry’s major growth," said the keynote speaker Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, and added: "The city has included concrete details in the master plan on building the ecosystem and innovation of administrative service in the blockchain."

The first track of the event was a panel discussion of key government officials on the following subject: "How should government policy adapt to the technological changes?". Song Hee-kyung, co-president of the 4th Industrial Revolution Forum of the National Assembly, stressed out: "It has been 10 years since the blockchain technology was introduced. The government needs to take strategic measures."

Pyo Chul-min, the member of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee pointed out: "A number of ICOs have taken place due the easiness to raise funds, but the damage caused by the project failure is huge," suggesting security-type fundraising as an alternative method for attracting capital for startups.

Perry Jung, the host of the event, said: "2019 will be the first year of true application, based on the financial infrastructures such as security tokens and stable-coins," and remarked “I hope Chain Plus can become a venue where the alternative ways of overcoming the limitations of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be discussed."

Chain Plus is sponsored by the domestic and international global projects including WaykiChain, Lambda, Broctagon Fintech Group, Gibraltar Stock Exchange, MyToken, Membersheep, Cashfree, Paralism, Betstore9, ChartIQ, Covalent, Cumberland, DX.Exchange, Bitsdaq, ZB Capital, Cloudflare, Contents Protocol, EBC Foundation, WAAM, Transit Protocol, Contentos, Chain UP, Everball, Bitrock, Insolar, LARVOL, ClickVisibility, Edinarcoin, GMB, ROMAD and Yeeco etc.

These companies showed off their amazing products and also shared their valuable opinions, which led the conference to a climax.