3 Reasons You Should Attend the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2019

With more than 270 million people, Indonesia is an attractable market, as well as a country that has a promising blockchain industry. To showcase that, the country’s capital Jakarta will host the Indonesia Blockchain Week 2019 (IBW 2019) on 18-24 November 2019. We have found three compelling reasons why you should attend the event.

1) Indonesia is a lavish market that is friendly to the blockchain industry

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, trailing only China, India, and the US. Its 270+ million citizens present a big and potentially profitable market. While Indonesia has traditionally been tougher for foreign investments than some of its neighbors, the country has been opening up to investment recently.

What is more important, Indonesia is friendly to the blockchain industry, particularly to cryptocurrencies but not only to them. For example, last year, Bank Indonesia, the country’s central bank, started looking into blockchain, as a possibility to build its own digital currency.

To be short, Indonesia is an interesting country for blockchain insiders, and you can benefit from attending it and setting some contacts in the country.

2) Indonesia Blockchain Week 2019 offers some great events

Moving to the specifics of the Indonesia Blockchain Week, the event has a rich and interesting program. You can start by attending the Nodes Blockchain Summit to better understand how blockchain works in Indonesia, and then visit the annual INBLOCKS conference to discuss the Indonesia blockchain space and its place in the world.

Other interesting events include BAT x ContentCreatorWorkshop (might seem interesting for those writing about blockchain) and the discussion on the future of cryptocurrencies. You can check the full program at the site of the event.

3) There will be cool opportunities for networking

At blockchain conferences, networking is often even more important than the content. At the Indonesia Blockchain Week, there will be good opportunities to develop new contacts for those visiting the INBLOCKS conference, especially during the big official after-party on the 20th of November. Yet, the number of social events is much higher, and the possibilities for networking are at a real high. So, see you at the IBW 2019.

Official site of the event: http://indonesiablockchainweek.com/