5 Ways to Attend a Conference for Free or with a Discount

Visiting blockchain conferences can be really useful for networking, not to mention that you can learn a lot there and receive a motivation boost. Yet, conference tickets are often a bit pricey, especially for big high-profile events. How do you attend a conference for free or with a cushy discount? First of all, you can use discounts on our site — and there are also at least four other ways. Here they are:

  1.     Apply to become a speaker

Whether you are a blockchain entrepreneur or an enthusiast, you probably can have knowledge to share at a conference. A lot of conferences provide a possibility to become a speaker, and all decent conferences do not charge speakers a fee. Maybe you will even receive a stipend for your talk, who knows.

  1.     Become a volunteer

Apart from becoming a speaker, there is another good way to join the conference’s organization — becoming a volunteer. In a lot of cases, you will receive a free ticket and possibly some other perks, such as free meals, for working a couple of hours per day. Even with events which do not organize a call for volunteers, you can try and negotiate a discount for helping organizer.

  1.     Look for media collaboration

Most conferences, especially not the most popular ones, love press attention and social media coverage. If you attend a conference to cover it, you can get a free pass. You do not necessarily have to be a journalist — having credible and interesting social media accounts can also count.

  1.     Check for the contests

As a way to promote the event, many conferences give away tickets through social media contests. A free ticket can go to a random person who likes the page or to the author of the most interesting question to conference speakers. So, subscribe to social media accounts of the conference you are interested in (preferably on different platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and look for the contests.

  1. Use discounts of Events.Byzantium

At Events.Byzantium, we partner with great conferences and other events to provide discounts for you to attend them. Just go to the main page of our site and check the offers we've prepared for you.