7 reasons to visit the Blockchain Life 2018 forum!

7 reasons to visit the Blockchain Life 2018 forum!

Different cases will be highlighted during this conference but with all the whys and wherefores that make this conference worth the expense, we give you something that widens your understanding towards blockchain.

    1. Cryptocurrency trading. How to make a profit in a falling market?

Investing and trading are two different things, it has something to do with time and other factors to define them but the point is whether the market is bullish or bearish, we still have to make money and that’s something you‘ll master during the conference.

    2. Crypto foundations. Secrets of successful investments

A certain percentage of the population are into blockchain technology, they could be the crypto holders, investors & traders, blockchain developers, and other   enthusiasts nevertheless, being associated with blockchain technology isn’t enough, we should have the right formula to boost our investments and the right strategies to manage them in order for everyone to have an advantage and start to even convince more people to embrace blockchain technology. So what are these secrets? 

    3. Legal aspects of the crypto world

Blockchain technology really disrupts the traditional finance and banking industry however a lot of people and countries are still skeptical about this new technology.  For everyone’s security, laws must be made to govern everything about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Is everyone aware of such laws? How do they work? Are they under the jurisdiction of every country?

More legal questions might be running in our mind but this conference will shed light on our blurry understanding and will also fill-in our partially acquired information.

    4. Efficient mining. Problems and solutions

You may be one of the countless devoted miners and different problems have been encountered. 

Seize this opportunity to discover what is hidden from the secret that has hindered your fruitful results. Pay attention to these problems and also focus on the solutions.

    5. Blockchain technology features in 2018. Blockchain introduction into business

Lots of ventures and innovation were established this year. With all the benefits it offers, blockchain continues to develop and incorporate the technology with the traditional systems people are accustomed to. In this conference, highlights of blockchain technology and its success will be presented.

    6. Actual trends of the cryptocurrency markets

There you’ll understand the complexity of the market. In terms of investment, participants will surely understand the reason for such movement and will even start to develop an analysis and understanding of the current market situation.

    7. Technical solutions for crypto industry

There’s always a rainbow after the rain, and so related problems will be brought up, will be given a solution and even generate a seed of opportunity out of it.   

Everything you need to know and experience is already organized by our thoughtful organizers.  Inviting the right speakers to educate the right people is surely the key to a successful event.  Moreover, a “surprise speaker” will even spice up your involvement in this upcoming conference. 

Expect more coz there’s more!

See you at Blockchain Life 2018 this November 7-8 in Saint Petersburg!