August says goodbye to summer with 3 significant events

Rich guys with billions on their bank accounts will come along with all extraordinary guys, who have less money but more of understanding of how to transform our lives. They all will meet at three rocking conferences that are the cornerstones of the blockchain distribution. Take your chance and join the world’s best in sunny California, fabulous Las Vegas and progressive Singapore.  

  1. Fintech Week Silicon Valley 2018

        13-15 AUG. 2018

The second annual Fintech week is a multi-day conference that brings investors, banks, start-ups, academics, consultancies, government and innovators together in the room with a cozy atmosphere to create a special environment for making all these crazy dreams come true.

  1. Blockshow Americas 2018

    20-21 AUG. 2018

The Blockshow team aims to gather businesses together with the Blockchain and to demonstrate the most breakthrough ideas and solutions in the industry. The meeting gives a possibility to interact with the world’s best Blockchain authorities and get to know how the technology is now integrated worldwide.

  1. Blockchain Summit Singapore

        28 AUG. 2018

Singapore invites you to the conference fully dedicated to Blockchain. They claim the absence of useless activities and total concentration on roundtable discussions, business meetings, and networking sessions. The main strength of the conference is a considerable number of speakers that are going to immerse you in a magic field of Blockchain.

Well, now you know the highest scale of these three meetings. Many people devote all their time to make these conferences better to spread the knowledge and importance of the blockchain technologies worldwide. And it’s only you to decide whether you need to be a part of this changing world.