20 Nov. 2018

BECONhou.se hosts world-leading Stablecoin conference!

World-renowned speakers in blockchain and token economy interact with leading financial institutions to examine future use of Stablecoins on Wall Street

New York, 16th November – BECONhou.se (formerly Cryptohou.se), a private meeting place and conference space for the most prominent leaders and decision-makers in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, will be hosting a StablecoinNY conference at its New York location, 12 Avenue A, Lower East Side Manhattan, on 26th November.

Organized by BECON in partnership with the Stablecoin.Foundation, StablecoinNY aims to deliver discussions and ideas around the current cryptocurrency environment, trends, and opportunities for stablecoins. The event will see institutional investors, media, press, Wall Street investment banks, blockchain pioneers, token exchanges, as well as regulators and legal professionals come together and discuss how stablecoins can enter the mainstream in 2019.

Confirmed speakers attending the conference include Matthew Roszak, Chairman and Co-Founder of Bloq and Chairman of the Digital Chamber of Commerce as well as Stablecoin.Foundation Founder, Alexander Panasuk. During the day, a series of talks, panel sessions, and seminars will examine how stable alternatives to existing digital currencies can be created and co-opted by the existing financial infrastructure.

Alexander Panasuk, Founder, Stablecoin.Foundation: As we mark the tenth anniversary of Satoshi Nakomoto’s whitepaper, let's reflect on the innovation, pace of change and what has been achieved. At Stablecoin.Foundation, we aim to stimulate collaboration, intellectual thought and debate on how digital tokens can be adopted and transform the traditional financial system.

Over the course of the day, speakers and international thought leaders including Sam Trautwein (CEO of Carbon), Steve Kirsch (CEO of Token.io) and investors and market makers like Mitchell Dong and Stephen Leahy will debate the future of the token economy and how digital currencies can be regulated and managed within a comprehensive, structured economic and business framework.

Edan Yago, Founder of Cement DAO: With over 120 active projects, the industry has recognized the importance of developing a stable and easy to understand cryptocurrency for mainstream consumers in the interest of going beyond speculation and providing real utility. However, the number of projects presents a confusing picture so the industry is coming together at StablecoinNY to collaborate and provide a more unified solution.

About the organizer

BECON is a world-leading organizer of events that focus on how new technologies impact governments and enterprises, and change the way we work, live and play. In addition to trade events, investor round-tables, blockchain masterclasses and conferences, BECON is responsible for organizing Blockchain Solutions World, which saw 16,250 delegates visit Fira de Barcelona in October 2018.

BECONhou.se is a private meeting place and conference space for the most prominent leaders and decision-makers in the world of blockchain. Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, BECONhou.se highlights cutting edge innovators and thought leaders in a space designed for connecting ideas with opportunities, expanding existing business relationships, and creating new ones.  In early 2019, two additional BECONhou.se locations will open their doors in London (UK) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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