Blockchain Day on Horasis China Meeting

Countries to countries conjoining to build a better future!

China plays a great role in the economy of different countries. Speaking of roles to progress, blockchain won’t be out of the picture, and Blockchain Day as part of Horasis China Meeting will be held on October 15 in Kyiv

Oct 14th – 16th are days to be anticipated as the Horasis China Meeting and Blockchain Day will take place!

Blockchain Day covers different governmental advantages, for these reasons, different representatives from different governmental sectors and so with global economic associations will be expected during the conference.

McKinsey, Microsoft and other international institutions & blockchain associations will contribute to the success of the said event.

In addition,, an international events agency which is dedicated to educational events and conferences accenting blockchain and crypto industries, is the organizer of the Blockchain Day in Kyiv.

Horasis China Meeting and Blockchain Day let the leaders and great thinkers unite to build a better and a more progressive economy.   

To know more about the event, follow this link.