Consensus: Invest: discussing the drawbacks of the passing 2018 and shedding light on coming 2019

Coindesk set up closing Consensus of this year with the most relevant topic of existing - Investments. The industry faced a very hard year in terms of investor’s extra thorough attitude towards projects. The previous year has shown that not each project deserves investments and, speaking frankly, any attention. Along with plenty of fascinating start-ups that are now prospering and shining, there were way more explicit frauds.

The passing 2018 brought the industry lots of subjects to discuss that are reflected in Consensus’ agenda. The keynote of the conference will be regulatory issues what coincides with the main problem of the industry nowadays. We all know that Consensus events gather all the best people from the blockchain world so coming to such a conference implies getting involved in ground-changing discussions.

It all sounds like there’s last time this year one can be a part of an immense and influential gathering that will try to solve all the questions that stop moving the blockchain & crypto industry forward. But there’s one question that even won’t be raised during Consensus: Invest - enclosing the community in private side-events.

Side-events that attract more

Big fishes of the industry are a sort of tired of visiting conferences. Their business goals are more likely reached in bars, rooftops, ballrooms that are rent for private events alongside large conferences. This large conference serves as a reason to come to the hosting city and meet another like-minded people. We won’t be discussing how good or bad this phenomenon is but only will showcase two different types of these closed gatherings. It is said that there are 4 types of side-events of crypto conferences:

1)Main event extensions

2)Side-events for meetings

3)Informal events

4)Drink-only parties

We are going to discover two kinds that are the most contrasting side-events of upcoming Consensus: Invest. Main event extensions will be presented by; Informal events will be presented by Fireflies New York. is a traditional event with an agenda including prominent speakers and meeting rooms. It doesn't actually differ from the main event but with the considerably reduced number of people. Moreover, all guests are personally invited, so the quality of the conversations is quite high. Bonus difference: it starts before the Consensus: Invest, on November 26.

Fireflies New York is an informal gathering with no structure. All the guests personally invited as well. It gives space for guests to communicate in the manner they prefer. This format implies no obligations but provides qualitative matchmaking so people can meet with those who they really need.

Which format is better is a matter of taste. The thing is in the fact these side-events are very popular. The passing 2018 with all its pros and cons brought the industry one indefinable question - which place is more appropriate for crypto gatherings: Conferences or Side-events?