the First Regulated Crypto Exchange to Become a Silver Sponsor at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague., operating in the segment of new generation blockchain technologies, will become a Silver Sponsor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague that is set to take place on March 22. is a service that launched the same-name regulated platform for tokenized securities trading on the territory of Belarus. This was the first crypto exchange licensed in accordance with the Decree № 8 of the Republic of Belarus “On Development of Digital Economy”. platform allows trading on the commodity markets, investing in the most popular indexes and stocks of large global companies. Today, exchange offers more than 150 types of tokens that can be sold and bought with Bitcoin и Ethereum. In addition, the platform accepts fiat money: dollars, euros, Russian and Belarusian rubles.

According to Ivan Gowan, CEO of, thanks to the tokenized assets exchange, crypto investors can buy stocks with cryptocurrencies, without exchanging it for fiat money.