Here are the top 5 blockchain conferences around the globe!

Here are the top 5 blockchain conferences around the globe! The rationally organized conferences for everyone’s needs and for the development of the entire blockchain technology will take place.

1. CV Summit – Crypto Valley

November 07, 2018

Let’s get you in the place called Crypto Valley. Because of the support coming from its government, blockchain technology was publicly accepted, thus successful Crypto- companies such as Ethereum have begun to exist and continue to rise.
This November, CV Summit (formerly known as Blockchain Summit) invites you to join the CV Competition that focuses on the decentralization and improvement of finance technology.  This competition allows everyone to present their projects and even have the chance to win $100k cash prize and more perks from CV Summit. Aside from what is being mentioned, CV Summit leads you towards this valley to give you an insight into the future of our world with blockchain technology. 

2. Money 20/20 – China

November 14-16, 2018

Explore the Tea capital of China and be amazed by its urban design where the sun and moon work together to bring positive energy towards the city.

Meanwhile, in collaboration with the Government of Zhejiang, Hangzhou and The People's Government of Xiaoshan, participants can discover the latest innovations from different financial leaders showcasing different financial services from around the world. In addition, everyone can share their vision, present their business, become a sponsor & a speaker and can build a relationship for a better opportunity creating a better future of money and the entire blockchain industry.

3. Blockchain Leadership Summit - Switzerland

November 23-24, 2018

An eye-opener conference for everyone to see how blockchain technology could improve our future. Different ventures are popping everywhere, however, the success of each project can be achieved through proper implementation and accurate strategy and thus Blockchain Leadership Summit gathers everyone for the demonstration of real cases in different sectors with the application of blockchain technology.

4. Consensus: Invest – New York

November 27, 2018

With the great success of the new class of asset, which is digital asset, Coindesk ensures that everyone is brought to a single roof to enrich everyone's investment knowledge for the better success of blockchain and thus everyone can be linked together in the world of crypto.

5. Blockchain Expo - North America

November 28-29, 2018

A conference that is organized and will be held in Silicon Valley for a discussion of blockchain towards different industries such as financial services, healthcare, energy, government and other sectors which will certainly have an advantage in the integration of blockchain technology to the traditional system.  Moreover, AI & Big Data Expo and IoT Tech Expo are also located in Silicon Valley so there you’ll see the proliferation and benefit of blockchain application in this place.