Key Takeaways From the Crypto Event in Geneva!

24 Oct. 2018

Different timely subjects were brought up during the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. The very detailed speeches by different speakers from different industries in their own forte gave light to the issues the technology is currently facing. From global issues to governmental issues, deep down to the small details. All of this contributes to the success of the technology as a whole.

Some of the many goodnesses of the integration of the technology into the different industry’s system were also bragged by leaders in authority.  Yael Tamar, for instance, explained how Country Israel has turned to a blockchain nation and even got to compare Swiss and Israeli’s ecosystem. Thierry Arys Ruiz also explained how the cryptocurrency is challenging the central banks of different countries. E-voting was also highlighted by Ruiz directing everyone to the advantage of using DLT. 

More of these magnificent agendas were discussed and projected during the event. In order for you not to miss any upcoming events, be a follower of SmileExpo, the organizer of the said event and is still organizing different practical conferences that gratify everyone’s needs from around the world 

Behind the success of this conference, of course, it wouldn’t be made possible without you, the speakers, the sponsors, and every participant who joined this event.

You may also want to watch the post-video of the conference; it is available on the YouTube Channel!

Peeps all over the world, get ready coz the next event will take place in Malta, Russia and the Philippines!