Non-Stop Road Show #4 Spain

Barcelona is known for its several structures due to its astonishing architectural designs.
The second most visited church on earth which is still in “work in progress” status is located in the heart of Barcelona and there you’ll see The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família.
You’ve got the whole time to discover Barcelona and after enriching your eyes with beautiful places, your tongue with mouthwatering foods, your ears with lively music, and yourself with the vibrant experience, don’t forget about your crypto knowledge that has been craving for some sweets and delicacies speakers around the world have prepared for it to consume.
Just like the fashionable yet deeply conservative Sagrada Familia, blockchain technology is very famous yet complicated that Byzantium made it possible to insert such an awe-inspiring Blockchain conference in the middle of the fun crowd of Barcelona to accentuate the harmony and security of this innovative technology. Blockchain Solutions World conference will take place on the 16th – 18th of October in Fira Barcelona Gran Via, a place which combines commercial tradition with innovation and competitiveness with technological development, making it a perfect place for a blockchain conference to be held.
With this given environment, it allows everyone to spice up the discussion on the traditionally accepted system in merging with the blockchain technology. Moreover, the conference focuses on solutions and real-world use cases with special highlights in different sectors including Connected Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing & Supply Chains, Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate, Music & Entertainment, and Government & Blockchain.
Everyone surely knows about the IoT Solutions Congress and so Byzantium makes it certain that this will transcend everyone’s expectation. IOT Solutions World Congress 2018 and Blockchain Solutions World are conferences that are not to be missed!
So this is it! Disfruta de la Ciudad de Barcelona! (Enjoy the city of Barcelona!)