Non-Stop Road Show #5 Portugal

29 Oct. 2018

Start your day with the must-try national dish called Bacalhau prepared in different ways which suit everyone’s taste!
After having a heavy breakfast, enjoy your ride with Tram28 and other transport while exploring the vibrant city with its different spots like the National Museum of Ancient Art and the National Tile Museum!

There’s really nothing you can think of that you can’t do in Lisbon, Portugal. From cultural themed tours, foods, nightlife, wine, tours & sightseeing, museum and even up to the events that really deserve participation from everyone that values innovation.

Something to spice up your trip, aside from the beauty of the city itself, a week full of blockchain event will take place in this city. Take note, it isn’t an event that we can expect every day.

“The best technology conference on the planet" according to Forbes welcomes everyone from joining this upcoming Web Summit on November 5 to 8 that will gather CEOs, state leaders, founders of different organizations, and a lot more participants and it would now be up to you to think why these prominent people are taking much of their time for this kind of conference? You wouldn’t know if you won’t try!

After several days of wonders and knowledge exploration, it won’t end just yet because right after the summit “where the future goes to be born” as said by The Atlantic, another conference is set to continue your journey and will even bring you the possibilities blockchain could ever stretch.  Party, amusement, amazement, knowledge, skills, investments, partnership and a lot more are all possible to be experienced and to be acquired together in a conference like no other than Blockspot 2018 and this will be held on November 9 to 13 also in Lisbon, Portugal!

Wow! Seems like a jackpot trip isn’t it?

Because of that, why don’t you grab a ticket and be the lucky participant of this full-packed trip that only happens several times? How?
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Web Summit:

Blockspot 2018: