November to Remember!

A walk to remember on the streets of India for its bright and techy people will be experienced this coming month of 2018. 

Hacks, computers, IT, inventions and more are just some of the things India is known for but those gems living in this place are the main brilliance of the country. In fact, this coming 22nd and 23rd of November transpires an event entitled the “World AI Show (AI, ML & Robotics)” where it showcases the intervention of AI and technology without supplanting the place of manpower, or to say  "MAN and MACHINE, not VERSUS”!

Its series of tech-events from the renowned tech guys of India includes, of course, the blockchain technology. This innovation isn’t new and foreign thus “Blockchain Summit India” that will take place in Pune this 24th of November will surely bring everyone to the horizon beyond the limit.

November may not be enough, therefore, Blockchain Summit India will still be expected on the 2nd day of December in Bangalore!

Thousands of IT leaders across the world and other individuals with the same vision are expected to bring the crowd to the site, moreover, keynote speakers and representatives from different well-known companies will witness the emergence of blockchain technology into the system of different sectors.