Poland can into crypto

The 3rd Edition of the biggest crypto and blockchain Expo is finally here!

We are proud to announce that the Cryptocurrency World Expo will take place 18-19th of June, 2018. This time in the heart of Warsaw, Poland in one of it's biggest movie theaters Multikino Złote Tarasy.

Nearly 1700 participants will have the opportunity to meet and listen to representatives of some top world firms connected deeply with cryptocurrency. The Warsaw Summit will be attended by the full gamut of the cryptocurrency sector, starting from the biggest exchanges to brokers, payments providers, fintech, miners, traders, ICO participants and cryptomaniac blockchain developers, as well as entrepreneurs and experts in tax and legislations all together.

The congress is divided into four intensive conference sections: Cryptocurrency trading; legal, tax and regulation; developments; Pre-ICO, ICO Each will provide our guests with the knowledge and skills to create business opportunities and get a better practical understanding of the mechanisms in the crypto world.
A variety of speakers, from all around the world, will address the public at the Cryptocurrency World Expo.
Attendants will be given a wonderful chance to listen to pioneers in the crypto business.