Satoshi United – The biggest UnConference in the world

It goes without saying that everyone remembers the completed and successful event in Singapore, Satoshi United – The biggest UnConference in the world.

This time, they will hold a conference in the Middle East. The unique UnConference will take place in Dubai on October 22-23

Don`t miss a great opportunity!
It`s your chance to connect with Blockchain experts, discuss the latest trends and share your own ideas with the top leaders of the industry.

Dubai is a heaven for the Cryptocurrency industry because they implement blockchain in the vital parts of their everyday life.

The event is dedicated to the celebration of industrious and determined leader who made an enormous contribution to blockchain`s huge success.  The Satoshi United`s main aim is to bring the trend to create rewarding and incredible UnConference events.

The list of speakers includes a variety of up to 40 broad-minded and encouraging international speakers such as Fintech, blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and many others.

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These companies will demonstrate their own visionary developments in various sectors and spheres such as voting and elections, e-commerce, and supply chains.

Any attendant can participate in discussions and without doubt, find like-minded people and experienced top executives (mentors) and challenging opportunity for each idea.

Come lounge on beanbags, sip on some cool beers, use networks and be delighted with the keynotes. You can also join the marvelous after-party on the yacht with a sympathetic atmosphere for chilling out and acquiring not only friends but investor relations too!
We promise that you will get an ultimate experience on the UnConference.

UnConference helps your minds and hearts to open up for new ideas. Satoshi Unite and UnConference methodology explore the highest level of stakeholders. Also Satoshi United will hold a Sky-high investor’s soiree for the main goal: gather together all the investors and blockchain visionaries under the same roof.

Registration for the UnConference will be opened on the 3rd of September on the website. This will be a hot offer and a really good bargain for you! Save on your ticket purchases with the special offer!