Sora Ventures Hosts International Blockchain Conference in Macau

On November 13th, 14th of this year Sora Ventures will host a blockchain and cryptocurrency meeting in Macau, China, for the first time!

This conference will present the prospect of developing a blocking space in Asia and highlight some specific applications that Macau itself is well suited for promotion. Hundreds of popular genius figures of the industry will be represented at the conference, devoted to different aspects that cover many areas.

Jason Fang, managing partner of Sora Ventures, and David Robak, director of Sora Ventures, were interviewed by to highlight some aims that will be presented at this conference.

 Fang told some reasons why his team demonstrates their second incubation project, Alphaslot, which provides slot machines for casinos in Asia. He also told about possible resources that can implement to the blockchain.

Roebuck was impressed with such a mover and shaker in all the industries of Macau. With several billion dollars between the family's casinos, a mutual partnership in implementing Alphaslot should have the deep pockets necessary to build infrastructure.

The Sora Summit located in a very favorable place that allows bringing up various aspects and topics.
The industry leaders, interesting speakers and high profile investors will share their ideas about innovative technologies and blockchain, investments in Asia, casino use-case with blockchain technology and Sora Ventures.
Therefore, this event gathering high-profile leaders, incomparable and talented experts such as Taylor Gerring, co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation; Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum; Sunny Lu, co-founder of VeChain and more.
In several days you will have opportunity listen to useful lectures and discussions that take account of regional specificities in such countries as Korea, China, and the United States.

The Sora Summit appears to be a courageous step Sora Ventures into the world s international blockchain conferences, with a huge number of unique aspects and truly prospective for financial growth. As they make progress with projects like the introduction of blockchain technology into Macau's casinos, it should prove interesting to see how they improve in the space.