The β Sorority

6 Mar. 2018

Hey, Ms. Martinez, change your housework to something more innovative! For example, blockchain. Women are the biggest influencers lately. Women empower and lead crowds. Their opinions now shape the world more than ever. Modern technologies give a chance at success to everybody. But to this day most crypto enthusiasts are male. This has to change soon, as blockchain can become the next step to true equality of people. Some female-centered events had to appear to strike a balance. Byzantium shows where it will happen.

Women Techmaker on Blockchain

Hamburg, Germany, 9-10 Mar. 2018

Dr. Julie Maupin, IOTA Chief Policy Officer, will tell how the Internet of Things can empower people. The case based on her experience can give motivation to other women to realize their ideas and implement innovations in the real world for better life.

New Girls on the Block and ICO Pitching Day

Austin, TX - 12-14 MAR. 2018

CryptoFriends gather the most influential women in the blockchain world. Founders of Blockchain for Good, Moeco, Hapax, Superbloom will open a successful blockchain businesswoman secret. After that, charming visitors will enjoy a fantastic afterparty with a wide range of activities, groovy music, and tasty drinks.

Сrypto Lady 2018

Moscow, Russia - 28-29 APR. 2018

“From women to women” can be a Crypto Lady’s motto. The Moscow's event will create an excellent possibility to cooperate with the best female blockchain influencers. Remember that smart is the new sexy. Speakers of Crypto Lady will help you use cryptocurrency to your advantage to build financial independence.

African Women in Fintech & Payments

Nairobi, Kenya  22-23 OCT. 2018

Nairobi will host 1st Annual fintech conference for African Women. Safe and comfortable work conditions in the fintech field is essential for female employees of Africa. The event will tackle current problems in career and life and will gather women from all over the world to find a solution.

Women are on fire! They can find such solutions to problems where men fail. Every girl who wants to save the world has to visit these conferences and make like-minded friends. Together we are stronger.