19 Jan. 2019

The International Expo-Congress "Business for Smart Cities" will be held for the first time in Kyiv!

On January 29-31 the International EXPO-Congress “Business for Smart Cities” will take place at the main arena of Ukraine  – NSC “Olimpiyskiy”. The congress is organized by the City Development Fund in cooperation with the Academy of Public-Private Partnership and Ardana Consultants.

“Business for Smart Cities” is a global event that aims to get together regional leaders to provide them appropriate conditions for resolving problematic issues in cities and find the best partners for projects and services.

The first day of EXPO is dedicated to a discussion of issues connected to participation of businesses in the transformation of cities. In particular, the discussion is formed within the framework of programs provided by the international financial organizations, which promote the transformation of cities into sustainable and smart ones. Also, this congress is an opportunity to gain experience in building partnerships between cities and private business.

The agenda of the second day of the EXPO is “Smart Cities of the Region: Experience and Challenges”. The main topic is “Enhancing the role of business in the Smart City Strategies in Ukraine and the region: the new economy.” Experts are expected to talk about the closed-loop economy, the blockchain technology, the green and blue economy etc.

The Congress also includes 6 conferences, each dedicated to a certain field (2 parallel conferences per day). The topics of these conference vary: “smart mobility: electric and wireless cars, integration of transport models and stable mobility”; “smart environment: renewable energy and energy efficiency”; “smart economy: industrial and innovative parks, their role in a sustainable growth”; “smart way of life: health and sport – how technology can improve the quality of life and ensure a healthy lifestyle”; “smart government: coordination between public administrations in the development of smart projects, e-government and the integration of technology in urban management”; “smart people: living labs, education, ethics, etc., and their role in transforming cities into smart and sustainable ones”.

The list of speakers include such prominent people as: Vitalii Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv; Stepan Kubiv, Minister of Economic Development and Trade – First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine; Jordi Hereu, President of Iden City, former Mayor of Barcelona (from 2006 to 2011); Kari AinaEik, The Secretary General of the Organization for International Economic Relations –OiER, Austria; Artyom Liss, Chief Editor, BBC Russian; Epi Ludvik Nekaj, the founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week, Singapore; Dr. Irfan Al Hasani, Economic Expert at the Dubai Economic Development Office (DED), Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and many others.

The purpose of the EXPO-Congress “Business for Smart Cities” is to create a permanently operating platform for communication between mayors, business representatives, international organizations, innovators, teachers and students, and civil society institutions in order to make cities attractive for living and maintaining business in Ukraine. It is planned to hold the event annually gathering everyone who is involved or/and interested in urban development, ready to share their experiences in implementing successful projects in this area, who wants to get acquainted with new ideas and approaches to the construction of modern cities. To provide all participants of Expo-Congress with conditions to spend time with maximum benefits, event includes a series of short & small thematic conferences, as well as a number of special events – presentations, discussions, workshops, and seminars. At the exhibition site of the EXPO-Congress, cities and business companies will share their achievements and present their projects. Besides this, participants of the event will be able to communicate with leading international experts in the field of urban development in an informal way.

“Business for Smart Cities” is the space where influential global companies can meet partners; local authorities can find solutions to solve city problems; start-ups can meet investors and vice versa.

The main organizer of the EXPO-Congress “Business for Smart Cities” – the City Development Fund. The main goal of its activities is to help Ukrainian cities to achieve goals sustainable development goals. The Foundation helps Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine reach the international modern standards in development of the economy, social sphere, transport, engineering, and security infrastructure while preserving natural and cultural heritage.

Read more about the Fund and its projects on the website: http://citydevelopment.fund/ua/