31 Oct. 2018

The Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines!

The blockchain is actually a technology that gives convenience to a lot of businesses in terms of payment, internal system, transaction records and a lot more! For this reason, Union Bank of the Philippines sees these advantages and adopted this technology into its internal process thus it came to be the first blockchain-enabled bank in the Philippines.

A conference this coming December, UnionBank of the Philippines will be represented by Arvie de Vera, the Head of Fintech Business Group. James Florentino, Lito Villanueva, and Luis Buenaventura, the CEO of MergeCommit, Chairman at FinTechAlliance.ph, and the CTO of BloomSolutions respectively will also spend time with everyone and they will even make your participation beyond your expectation.

Furthermore, one of the founders of BAP and the owner of Tagcash will also make this event even more exciting.

They are some of the pioneering names of blockchain technology in the Philippines and participants can expect even more empowering subjects and discussions during the conference because they will be presenting the beginning of their journey up to now that they are enjoying every piece of their success including DLT Development and other important topics.  Additionally, representatives from the leading businesses, entrepreneurs, miners, investors, technology developers and a lot more are among the participants that everyone can take part with.

You may have heard about coins.ph, the first ever DLT-based payment, remittance, investment, and trading app that is widely used in the Philippines and users are very happy for its swift transaction anytime anywhere! This is just one of the convenience blockchain can offer to everyone if this technology will be widely accepted. Moreover, COINS.PH is also one of the 19 DLT based companies that were granted the license to operate from CEZA, known as the CAGAYAN ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY

For everyone’s information, BAP or the Blockchain Association of the Philippines were established to educate people and gathers everyone in the crypto industry to even boost their businesses.

Having said these, Philippines has a very big potential for DLT Development thus, with the said endeavors of different hardworking people mentioned above, SmilExpo, an organizer of 47 successful events all over the world, coordinated an event and this will now be the Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in the Philippines which will take place in Makati, Manila this 6th day of December 2018!

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