Top-10 November Blockchain-Related Events in CIS Countries and Europe

The last but one month in the year, November is a busy time. It means that there are many interesting blockchain events throughout this month — both in the countries of the CIS region and across Europe. Here’s a list of top-10 most interesting blockchain-related Events in CIS Countries and Europe.

CIS Countries

Moscow, October 30—1 November

This year’s Russian Tech Week in Moscow will have a separate track for blockchain. Apart from it, you will be able to learn more about the intersection of tech and business.

Moscow, 1 November

This conference is devoted to the growing influence of financial technologies. Discussions related to blockchain are included in the program, along with the wider discussion of fintech perspectives.

Kharkiv (Ukraine), 29 November

At Kharkiv Digital, experts on blockchain and other fields of digital transformation will share the experience in working in the challenging but rewarding field of digital transformation.

Western and Southern Europe

Prague, 24 October—4 November

You might have skipped its beginning, but you have still time to join! Prague Blockchain Week+ offers a host of blockchain discussions, training sessions, and parties — all of it while enjoying famous Prague architecture and beer.

Athens, 30 October1 November

Decentralized is a big annual conference devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies from a wide set of ranges, with both business leaders and academic thinkers being featured among speakers.

Malta, 78 November

What do you know about Malta? That it’s a small island with beautiful landscapes where Game of Thrones was filmed? Well, the Maltese blockchain community also wants you to know Malta as #blockchainisland — and they will prove it at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.

Malaga (Spain), 1113 November

Convergence boasts being the first truly global blockchain conference, engaging the crypto community from across the world. It’s certainly worth to check out!

Berlin, 1113 November

One of Europe’s tech and business capitals, Berlin is a good place to have fun while learning from and networking with leading blockchain technology experts. That’s what you will be able to do at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2019.

Paris, 1314 November

A flight from Berlin to Paris is a short one — and that’s great because Blockchain Paris 2019 is worth attending as well, at least for its impressive set of several dozens of speakers who are leading experts in the field.

London, 1819 November

London has been widely regarded as the world’s financial capital, and that’s what makes networking at the FinTech Conference so valuable. The agenda is worth checking out too!