Top 5 Well-Funded Blockchain Startups

With the rapid advancement of blockchain and its promising perspectives, there’s a lot of investment money in the field, which makes for a good opportunity for new blockchain startups? Have you ever wondered which blockchain startups have been most well-funded? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best-funded startups in the field as of early 2019, using the data provided by Crunchbase.

The data is not perfect — for one, the difference between a startup and an established company is sometimes blurry; besides, in some cases, it is difficult to define whether a company is blockchain-centered or only employs blockchain in one way or another. With that said, this data gives a pretty good clue over which types of companies are most successful in the blockchain industry. Take a look with us!


  • Bitmain – US$764.7M


China is a promising market for the blockchain field, and so is the industry of mining. So, it’s no wonder than one of the best-funded blockchain startups in the world has been the company which creates chips for bitcoin mining. While the fall in bitcoin’s rate has had some impact on the company, it remains a promising startup, and one of the biggest in the industry.


  • Hdac Technology – US$258M


A field with arguably even more promising future is the Internet-of-Things, and it is good today to be a company that designs blockchain-based platforms for the Internet-of-Things, combining several directions of technology development. It is what Hdac Technology has been doing.


  • Tezos – US$232M


Tezos is a blockchain-powered platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Rather than relying on mining, such as some other prominent blockchain platforms, it uses a model based on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Having raised $232 million in a fundraiser back in 2017, the company broke the record to become one of the biggest ICOs at the time.


  • Dfinity – US$195M


Dfinity sets an ambitious goal of reinventing the internet by developing a decentralized “internet computer that will become the cloud 3.0.” It is not there yet, but investors do believe in the company, which can be proven by almost two hundred million the company has attracted since its founding.


  • Bancor – US$152.3M


Founded in 2016, the Bancor Network provides a decentralized “smart crypto wallet”, which allows directly converting between tokens rather than exchanging them on cryptocurrency markets. Due to this model, it quickly gained popularity and attracted more than 150 million USD in funding.