Vegas Blockchain Week: Dive into blockchain in the world’s capital of entertainment

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the crypto community for a week? Vegas Blockchain Week would be a good pick for that. From October 25th until October 31st, Vegas hosts a diverse series of events devoted to blockchain.

Blockchain is perhaps the most promising technology of today, and it possesses different perspectives. Some people are more interested in the technical side of things, but there is also a considerable demand for business use of blockchain, as well as blockchain’s use in government, social, and entertainment initiatives.

The concept of Vegas Blockchain Week (Vegas BW) allows to satisfy the needs of all those interested in the various perspectives of blockchain through setting up an event for all of them. 

Vegas BW consists of numerous events, with six of them being major ones:

    1. World Crypto Conference (October 29-31), a general annual conference devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It will run for the second time, and the organizers claim that the first one was a huge success, with almost 2500 people joining the conference program.
    2. CoinAGENDA (October 26-28). Held for the sixth time in history, this conference focuses on the business side of blockchain. As its organizers put it, this event is for “professional investors, traders, family offices and digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector”. 
    3. Crypto.IQ (October 28). At this one-day event, the controversial figure and early Bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem will focus on trading.
    4. Litecoin Summit 2019 (October 28-29). Hosted by the Litecoin Foundation, this summit will have a wide program that includes both technical and business details of the topic, as well as gives space to entertainment and art.
    5. WCC DEV CON (October 30-31). Dubbed “the world’s first mainstream multiple blockchain developer conference”, this event will be interesting for people with a technical background and all those interested in the technical side of blockchain.
    6. WCPT Vegas 2019, crypto’s official poker tournament.



Apart from the main program, Vegas Blockchain Week offers a social one. Particularly, participants will be able to join a networking event at Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub (for free!).

Those who want to organize their own event throughout Vegas BW can contact the organizers to discuss details.

Most events will be held at the hotel “Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas”. More information and tickets are available at the official site: