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9 Jan. 2018

2018 is on its way! New Year is a good chance to realize your new ideas and ambitions. Many famous people, including Marc Zuckerberg, announced 2018 as a year of exploring of the potential of blockchain. Different conferences will bring together a lot of influential speakers to discuss problems and perspectives of implementation of blockchain technologies. Eventcha.in prepared the overview of the best events of this week.

Dubai International Blockchain Summit

8 Jan. 2018 - Dubai, UAE

         Large blockchain meeting ended in Dubai yesterday. It was a great opportunity to talk about blockchain technologies with high-ranked speakers and governmental representatives of Arabic states. The flow of ideas was incredibly big and hot themes were discussed here. New ways of the blockchain usage were opened in Dubai International Blockchain Summit.

The Future of Finance Vietnam 2018

12 Jan. 2018 - Hanoi, Vietnam

         ASEAN is one of the most fast-growing economical spaces in the world. Blockchain can become a key instrument of future developing. This conference will explain how blockchain can be used in Vietnam and how Vietnam’s fintech system will look like in the future.  You can make the right choice between different strategies of realizing of potential fintech opportunities due to The Future of Finance Vietnam 2018.

UNLOCK Blockchain Forum

14-15 Jan. 2018 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

         Arabic countries are interested about investing into blockchain technologies during petrodollar recycling. It can help with creating of smart governments, successful business and diversification of economy.  World-class experts will talk about it in UNLOCK Blockchain Forum.

         This week is a nice time to get new knowledge about blockchain. Don’t waste it! The overview, prepared by Eventcha.in, can help you to choose the best conference that matches with your interests and needs. You can find more information about future events on Evetcha.in.

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