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12 Jan. 2018

Popularization of decentralization is growing up. Experts, like Vitalik Buterin, have become a regular at TV and front pages of world-class papers. Blockchain conferences are incredibly popular and attract more attention of people that are interested in progressive startups. Knowledge, which is shared here, is a priceless recourse for future development of business and life around us. Eventcha.in prepared for you a fresh overview of the best blockchain conferences of the next week.

World Crypto Economic Forum

15-16 Jan. 2018 - San Francisco

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer Nick Szabo will be a top speaker of World Crypto Economic Forum. It is a first sign that this conference can be called as top-class. A hackathon, a token pitch contest and useful discussions will make WCEF an interesting and helpful event.

Blockchain Cruise Asia

15-19 Jan. 2018 - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

Blockchain Cruise is ready to make a new voyage in Asia. The event, which is prepared by CoinsBank, will attract 700 guests from all over the world. Visitors can choose between three simultaneous conferences with different topics. Therefore, guests will find something, which will be suitable for them.

Thai Blockchain Conference

17 Jan. 2018 - Phuket, Thailand

Famous experts will talk about recent trends and future perspectives of the blockchain world in Thai Blockchain Conference. CoinBank will make an event that will be a combination of a unique tropical location, interesting pastime and valuable sharing of practical experience.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

17-19 Jan. 2018 -, Miami, USA

2018 is still a good moment to start exploring of decentralization. If you think that you are late and all niches are occupied, you are wrong. The North American Bitcoin Conference is a perfect way to enter a door to the cryptocurrency world. Real experts will teach people basic skills how to live in it. If you want to know what words “Bitcoin”, “blockchain” and “decentralization” mean, this conference is excellent choice for you.

The Crypto Finance Conference

17-19 Jan. 2018 - Sankt Moritz, Switzerland

The atmosphere is very important, when it is about learning of something new. The Crypto Finance Conference will be a conglomerate of amazing landscapes of Swiss Alps, new information about cryptocurrencies and practical experience of leaders of meanings. Visit it for making your knowledge better and the usage of it more effective.

London Blockchain Week 2018

19-26 Jan. 2018 -London, United Kingdom

Start of London Blockchain Week will become icing on the cake of this week. A rich agenda includes workshops, hackathons and lections of high-ranked speakers. Here everybody can keep up with the latest information about twists in developing of blockchain technology. You can get a 20% discount by using our promocode “EV20”!

This week is expected to be very useful for improving of blockchain. Become an engine of progress by visiting of blockchain conferences. Don’t allow yourself to fall out from modern reality. Eventcha.in will always help you with it.

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