Yael Tamar will be a speaker at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta on October 23!

Yael Tamar will be a speaker at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta on October 23.

Nowadays, being vegan is becoming a thing, per se, popular but no, it is a need due to health reasons and lots of factors against nature.

Yael Tamar, a behavioral economist, a blockchain and cryptocurrency strategist, storyteller, speaker, board advisor and a mentor, saw this situation which leads her to her endeavor "VeganNation"

Some of the food industry's major problems are spoilage, contamination, cleanliness issues and more. According to her, “The main challenge in food safety is the lack of access to information and traceability"

Having all possible solutions, as explained by her, providing an immutable ledger that the stakeholders can plug into in order to check the status of the food shipments at any point of time as well as the conditions of the transport is something that will solve the problem and Blockchain technology brings us what we need. “She further explained “All the ecosystem participants - growers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, regulators, and consumers - can gain permission to access data regarding the origin and state of food supplies. " Furthermore, "with the help of IoT solutions that allows tracking of supplies, blockchain enables the ecosystem members to pinpoint the causes of contamination as well as recognition of the affected supplies to be taken out from the shelves and to notify the recipients in a short amount of time”.

Considering all these possibilities with blockchain, Yael started pitching her ideas to several people, unfortunately, she hasn't won their support. Until then, someone who has the same beliefs as hers with regards to the aforementioned started collaborating with her and "VeganNation" is the Project

VeganNation is a cruelty-free one-stop-shop bringing together consumers, business owners and even corporates, all using one cryptocurrency, making it easier, cheaper and safer to trade. Moreover, bringing blockchain into the supply chain will bring the transparency the vegan community seeks, as it aspires to make conscientious purchases.  

Veganism is supported by governments; In fact, it’s much easier to market veganism or vegan food to people today!

According to Yael's research, The Israeli government no longer recommend dairy as a healthy option. Belgian food pyramid lists meat in the same category as junk food and Canada's new draft of food guide favors a plant-based diet. Top doctors recommend a plant-based diet and it’s no longer a secret that animal farming is the top contributor to global pollution.

From this, “As a behavioral economist, I can understand it - old habits do die hard. This is where VeganNation comes in with its programmable economy and a currency that will influence behaviors via built-in incentives. We finally have the tool that will help vegans stay vegan and to avail and spread the vegan lifestyle to everyone". She explained.

Yael Tamar who shares the same value with vegans all over the world knows the importance of freshness and quality of your food; she believes to the power of decentralization to do good or cause changes in the way we live, work, transact or interact - for the better.