Back in 1863, Abraham Lincoln said, “Don’t believe all the quotes you see on the Internet”. Nowadays, a lot of famous quotes are misattributed to other people, and the cryptoindustry is not an exception. Can you guess which famous quotes about crypto are real? Check yourself in our brand new quiz!

Investing in cryptocurrencies might be quite profitable, though at times it’s risky. Yet, you have good chances to succeed if you learn how to invest properly. How well do you know basic rules of successful investors? Take our quiz to find out!

Your beloved fun quizzes are back! You’ve probably heard about Dogecoin, but there are much more fun and crazy cryptocurrencies. Is there a cryptocurrency for garlic bread? Has Kim Kardashian created one for her? Take our new quiz to find out!

Did you miss our Friday quizzes? Events.BZNTM has a fun holiday quiz for you. Can you buy an island in Greece with Bitcoin? Where can you pay for your university studies with crypto?

​​Ever since Bitcoin became so popular, we have seen lots of serious and even more fun cryptocurrencies introduced as its alternatives. Can you navigate in the vast sea of altcoins?

14 July / 2019

​​Is 10,000 Bitcoin enough to buy a pizza? Did the founder of Bitcoin receive a Nobel Prize? In your new quiz, you can guess which insane and fun facts about cryptocurrencies are real & which are made up.